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‘Summer’ selling season still going strong

By   /  October 16, 2012  /  No Comments

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October remains “summer” busy for Jackson Hole real estate while the weather also has remained very mild.

It’s another one of those times of the year here at Teton Realty Today – too busy lately doing ground level research to regularly provide the market overviews that characterize this site.

This is a good thing! Helping people reach their real estate goals is the culmination of a discussion that often began many months earlier, if not years, and is the reason I love this career. I’m always excited to meet someone at the beginning of this journey, but crossing the finish line is what it’s all about.

This dialogue can be like approaching a destination by plane: at 30,000 feet, observations are limited to the surrounding region, weather and general dynamics; at 10,000 feet the neighborhoods, businesses and community fabric comes into view; once on the ground, however, sensory information overwhelms and the services of an experienced guide become invaluable.

Please contact me to initiate a discussion aimed at providing you the diligent, vertical research you will need to reach your Jackson Hole real estate goals. I’m on the ground in Jackson Hole, and can show you that there is much more here than meets the eye.

Until then, please continue to consider this blog, as well as my daily updates on Facebook and Twitter, as the view from about 1,000 feet. Most of these stories were written using research I prepare on a daily basis for active clients and can provide a real understanding of general values, trends and neighborhood activity.

For an even broader look at Jackson Hole, perhaps from about 30,000 feet, check out these posts on jhpropertyguide, my “other” blog.

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis will close for the season this week.

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis will close for the season this week.

Earlier this month I wrote about Jackson Hole golf properties. At the time there were 39 residential properties available in golf course communities including Teton Pines, Shooting Star in Teton Village, 3 Creek Ranch and Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis.

In September I wrote about high-end properties in Jackson Hole and how sales of homes above $1.5 million remain the backbone of the Teton County market, in particular when it comes to sales volume. You also read right here on Teton Realty Today that average sales price soared to about $1.8 million in September.

Also in September I wrote an overview of building site sales so far in 2012, which have already surpassed every year since 2008.

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