Jackson Hole Q3 report: 2013 best since 2007

Jackson Hole property sales in 2013 are on pace to reach pre-recession levels.

Jackson Hole Sotheby’s internal research into the first three quarters of 2013 released last week provides several indicators that real estate sales are on pace to be the strongest since 2007. One of the most encouraging statistics is a significant drop (yes, drop) in average sales price during Q3 from $1.5 million to $1 million.  […]

September sales: Points, Trends and Patterns

Condo sales have been driving the Jackson Hole real estate market in 2011.

It’s been said that one is a point, two is a trend and three is a pattern. Point: September real estate sales in Jackson Hole are on pace for 30 units and about $25 million in sales, with 19 reported as of September 19. Trend: Sales in July and August were similar, with 48 sales […]

Jackson Hole market recovery Marching right along

While the Jackson Hole real estate market still has a way to go to reach the heights reached in 2007, the recovery has been steady in recent quarters.

With more than a week remaining in March, the 13 residential and three building site sales reported in Teton County, WY, have already exceeded the total of 11 recorded in March 2010, assuring yet another strong month in the Jackson Hole real estate market compared to the depths of 2009. Ironically, it is also encouraging […]

Jackson Hole real estate: Partying like its 2003

Jackson Hole Sotheby's provided a detailed look at the regional market last week. The 11-page report is available via email.

At the end of 2009, the yearly real estate sales chart for Jackson Hole properties looked like a ski run on a hanging snowfield. Beginning with the peak in 2005 of more than $700 million in sales, the numbers steadily deteriorated to approximately $225 million in sales in 2009. But what lay below? A cliff, […]

Local economic indicators mirror Jackson Hole real estate market

This picture of the Snake River was taken last week, but will look very different in the next few days as a big winter storm is expected to bring significant snow to the valley floor. Here comes winter!

The following stats were provided by the Chamber of Commerce and compiled internally at Jackson Hole Sotheby’s. Only a few are directly related to real estate, but all play a role in the greater regional economy. Overall, most of the figures mirror the Jackson Hole real estate market: stable and better than 2009, but still […]

October sales: Good mix of high-end, entry-level properties

The floor desk at Jackson Hole Sotheby's main office, where I am today until about 5 pm, has been busy in recent months. After a strong October, fourth quarter real estate sales in Teton County, Wyoming, are on pace to exceed the same period in 2009.

October real estate sales in Jackson Hole were strong, totaling approximately $29.4 million on 24 completed transactions. However, the month fell short of October 2009, the strongest month of that year, when there were 29 transactions for approximately $37.2 million, according to Teton County Multiple Listing Service. As has been the trend this year, the […]

Q3 report for Jackson Hole real estate: YTD volume mirrors 2003

This graph clearly illustrates the dramatic dip in 2009 and the measured comeback of unit sales and dollar volume in 2010 for real estate sales in Jackson Hole. Click to enlarge.

Looking at monthly real estate sales in Jackson Hole can be misleading due to the relatively small sample sizes, especially when it comes to statistics like average sales price and months of inventory. For example, Teton County recorded an average sales price of $2.112 million in September, a rise of 258 percent from the September […]

Report: Summer sales sluggish but average sales price rises

The most recent Jackson Hole Sotheby's Market Update reported fewer sales in July 2010 than during July 2009, the first time this year a month has underperformed last year's figures.

July marked the first month in 2010 with year-to-year sales below those in 2009. There were 18 real estate sales in Teton County in July for a total sales volume of $27.935 million, compared with 22 unit sales in July 2009 for $33.280 million, according to Teton County Multiple Listing Service. That was the headline […]

June sales hit 21 in Teton County

Teton County sales in June 2010 averaged $1.4 million for 21 units sold. Coincidentally, $1.4 million is also the average sales price for the 120 sales year to date.

Three sales reported in the last two days of June helped push total unit sales to 21 and sales volume for the month to $29.9 million. These included 14 residences, five building sites and two commercial transactions. The good news is that June sales in 2010 exceeded June 2009 by five sales and more than […]

57 pages of JH real estate statistics diced, sliced and pureed!

The latest market data compiled internally at Sotheby's Jackson Hole is chock full of information detailing Teton County sales activity for First Quarter 2010, May 2010 and much, much more.

Jackson Hole real estate statistic geeks rejoice! The latest in-depth market report produced internally here at Jackson Hole Sotheby’s has been released. A good bit of the information contained in the 57 pages of market analysis presented at our weekly sales meeting on Wednesday morning has already been passed along here at Teton Realty Today […]