As you wish: Jackson Hole real estate news

In addition to this site, where I post research, photos and market analysis a few times a month, there are a variety of ways to keep abreast of Jackson Hole real estate news on a more regular basis. Personally, I post daily on Facebook and Twitter. On the right sidebar of this site are scrolls […]

Nice blog post, but what about today’s Jackson Hole real estate news?

It’s on Twitter. And Facebook. Or, if we’ve already started a conversation about your Jackson Hole real estate goals, it’s in your email inbox. This Web site remains a great place to read about monthly sales figures, market trends and see great pictures of Jackson Hole. Reading through the more than 100 stories from the […]

September sales: Points, Trends and Patterns

It’s been said that one is a point, two is a trend and three is a pattern. Point: September real estate sales in Jackson Hole are on pace for 30 units and about $25 million in sales, with 19 reported as of September 19. Trend: Sales in July and August were similar, with 48 sales […]

The Teton Realty Today family

When it comes to making the most important decisions in our lives it is critical to have all pertinent information available as soon as possible. Yesterday if possible, but if not today. Buying or selling a home certainly qualifies as one of the bigger decisions we make. It’s my opinion that the more information about […]

Focus is on ‘little’ news during height of season

It has been 10 days since my last post here at Teton Realty Today, easily the longest stretch of inactivity since beginning this site late last year. Why the lapse in content? It is certainly not for lack of focus on the latest real estate news, trends or research. Quite to the contrary, like most […]